Wednesday, 18 August 2010

More Square Action - II

This whole scanning thing is not going well, will wait til I get back to Lincoln to sort it out properly. In the meantime these are some more of the digital back ups, bearing in mind it's a close approximation but not the same.

I am happy with the progress being made. The images feel right to me, FINALLY!! ALthough these two seem quite different to me the theme is the same and they work well as part of the overall selection of about ten images.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Velvia 50 developments - Round 1

So the velvia transparencies have come back and from what I can see prior to scanning them the results look great. One snag however, and being an optimist am going to hope this doesn't mess things up too much; despite 'apparently' lining the roll of film up precisely to the red *start* marker the exposures seem to have overlapped slightly on the edges. Some are worse than others and three exposures have not come out at all. The five essential ones are there though. It looks as if this can be fixed in photoshop but will probably be a pain in the butt. However the colours look fantastic and the images themselves are exactly what i was after so any photoshop pain will definitely be worth the effort. hhhhmmm......the joys of film.

Have picked up a cable release and a neutral density filter in town. Now for round two.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Days with my father - Toledano

came across this today, it is not related to what i am doing now in finishing off these images from project one but it appeals greatly to me in its portrait/documentary style and its emotive rawness. It is going into the bank of thoughts from which hopefully something will emerge soon for project two.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

More Square Action

another digi backup from some hasselblad action. the ghostly figure is even less defined, on mike's suggestion and it works really well in this composition. shot another one last night as well amidst reeds at a local lake. did not have time to get a digital backup as i thought i heard some *unmentionables* in the water beside me and had to exit stage left at speed. finished the roll of velvia now and getting it developed in dublin on monday. as someone not used to working in film it all feels quite exciting and somewhat nerve wracking. the unknown quantity etc. fingers crossed. such a relief to feel like progress is finally FINALLY being made with this. and big thanks to mike for all his help with this, has been invaluable on many levels.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Once the dust settles.....

*cough cough cough*....the dust on this blog is serious!!! Anyway after a long absence I thought it was about time to update this blog on recent activity and developments. Project one ended at a beginning point having come full circle and my summer was designed to be a space where I could explore the direction this new beginning pointed to, with some very specific ideas in mind. This is currently happening, albeit later than planned for a variety of unavoidable reasons. Feedback from the external examiner suggested working in medium format, and the square pictures off Hasselblad seemed particularly ideal as I had started to crop my digital images into squares towards the end of this process. So I am going retro, using Velvia 50 transparencies on a hasselblad i have borrowed from media stores and am currently awaiting the first batch of project related results. In the meantime here is a rough approximation of what some of them will look like, taken as backup on my nikon.