Friday, 6 August 2010

Once the dust settles.....

*cough cough cough*....the dust on this blog is serious!!! Anyway after a long absence I thought it was about time to update this blog on recent activity and developments. Project one ended at a beginning point having come full circle and my summer was designed to be a space where I could explore the direction this new beginning pointed to, with some very specific ideas in mind. This is currently happening, albeit later than planned for a variety of unavoidable reasons. Feedback from the external examiner suggested working in medium format, and the square pictures off Hasselblad seemed particularly ideal as I had started to crop my digital images into squares towards the end of this process. So I am going retro, using Velvia 50 transparencies on a hasselblad i have borrowed from media stores and am currently awaiting the first batch of project related results. In the meantime here is a rough approximation of what some of them will look like, taken as backup on my nikon.

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