Thursday, 29 April 2010

I have not vanished, can't speak for my sanity though!

ok have not updated this blog thing for weeks. been too busy trying to sort this project out. can summarise things very succintly...

'logistics and illness made me have to abandon original plan, did a cindy sherman, not satisfied with this, had inspiration, the images morphed into something else, something blurry. if that sounds familiar it's because it was my original idea? yep! so let us not speak of Jung, let us speak of the dissolving, fragmented, socially constructed self. postmodernism identity dontcha know! seems i have been forced to embrace the current zeitgeist. dammit! now if it would just stop raining and some of the clouds could please bugger off....

here are some of the pictures i like from recent days when it wasn't raining and because matthew asked. The ones in field were grabbed because the wind picked up too much at beach so camera could not be used. grabbed these on way home, like them but don't think i will be using them as final images.


  1. I had a thought... you'll not like it though.

    *Dawn* every evening has been horrible, the weather's predicted to stay the same, but every morning this week has been lovely. Therefore, early starts could be your salvation. I'm such a good person that I'll even offer my assistance being as though I don't sleep anyway.

    Can tell you're not happy about the project again because you're not capitalising your "i's" again :)

  2. that's very lovely of you, and probably the only option left! yes when i reach the level of profound apathy with something that i now have with this project i don't bother capitalizing 'i's' and in fact usually don't bother capitalizing the beginning of sentences. well observed.