Friday, 4 December 2009

Georgian Spring by Antoine D'Agata

Inspired by Homer's Odyssey this Magnum Photoessay is just gorgeous on so many levels. I love the juxtaposition of the dreamy, ethereal images of the subjects with the tumbling, gritty, bleak images of the landscape they inhabit. The multi-media approach is a real inspiration for this first project, the voice on the film reads statements gathered from the subjects and other people he met as he travelled across Georgia. They lend a haunting air to the piece that somehow ties the two seemingly disparate worlds together. As my intention is to photograph each subject in both a very 'realist' everyday setting and a way that hopefully captures something of the more mythic dimension of their being, I think the weaving of spoken word through the images could be a very useful device.

Ps...cant embed the photoessay as it only plays half screen if I do so.

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