Friday, 4 December 2009

Madame Yevonde

I had been researching this intriguing lady who was a well known society portrait photographer in 1930's england, when a visit with the MA group to the National Media Museum in Bradford brought me face to face with some of the images from her beautiful Goddess series. Rich in colour (she was a pioneer of the Vivex tri-colour process) and using props and elaborate costumes, she created an otherwordly aura around her subjects, depicting them as the bride-madonna, allegorical women and even Nefertiti, the famous consort of an egyptian pharaoh. She was interested in the role models available to women and controversially at the time, did not shy away from female sexuality. Researching her has inspired me to look back on classical art and surrealism as further inspiration for this project. Inspiration perhaps is also to be found in her famous dictum "Be Original or Die"!!!!!!!!

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