Thursday, 21 January 2010

Props and stuff

I need a long rectangular mirror, maybe two. i need masks, fans, long long pieces of sari cloth, head-jewels, lots of paint, a whole pile of muslin, those things that help you make hair sculptures, a pedastal in white, a gnarled tree branch, perhaps a couple of snakes, one of those concave mirrors that you find on roads with dangerous bends, mountains of fishing wire. need to figure out what to do about backdrops.....probably realistically i need to paint a sheets???maybe! i also need some amazing dresses. maybe a few items like a skull would come in useful. ooh i need a kali necklace which my friend in cork has. i also need a make-up artist but have located one so thats good.

went on a treasure hunt today in lincoln though not much of the above were forthcoming!! have put out an email to loads of people here who i know are likely to have some of this stuff. It's all very entertaining and fun really.

PS : also small ornate golden bird cage, parasol.

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