Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Witching Hour

Its 5.00am! inspiration has picked a ridiculous hour to visit as always. Been preoccupied with this essay recently, and the festive period brought its usual distractions. However now that the end of the essay is in sight, mere inches away, my mind has started flooding with ideas and images for this project. In the end was forced to get out of bed and start writing notes down but its been well worth it. Feel pretty excited and relieved actually, at last a really clear vision of what I am going to do has arrived but will write all about it in the next few days as I really don't want to see the dawn arrive. The images begin next week, actual pictures at last...I can't wait. Would much rather deal with lighting set-ups and mad props than Habermas. Phew! NOW CAN I PLEASE SLEEP???? I've updated my blog and everything!!!

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