Sunday, 21 March 2010

Eating Kafka - Artist Portrait Shot's


  1. Nice shots, lighting and colour are very strong. But tell me... did you put the 3d glasses effect on the top one, or did it come off the camera that way?
    Also, are these with the 5D, cause it shouldn't vignette like that, I'll need to take a look at it. I don't think it hurts the images, it just shouldn't be happening... unless you added it in post production.
    I really need to paint the infity curve don't I? What a terrible learning advisor I am.

  2. i got a tiny bit of vignetting naturally, think it was down to the lighting but i liked it so i added more in PS. the top image is one of my favs but the focus is soft which is annoying. there are issues with the paper though, once i decide which ones to use am going to have to do major PS work cos they are too blown out when thrown in the air and hence closer to the light. hoo's all learning. i really like them, there are loads more from this shoot i also like. taking the advice that photographers are the worst editors of their own work might ask your opinion and maybe adam as to which one's you think work best.

  3. I wouldn't worry about the blown out paper too much, it doesn't detract too heavily from the images in my opinion, it could be fixed fully but it'd be a lot of work for little gain, perhaps its worse in other images.
    I did have one suggestion about the project, but I'll tell you in person as it'll be quicker.