Thursday, 11 March 2010

The Polish Connection!

Just had helpful meeting with the wonderful woman who is going to be the trickster archetype for my project. busy teaching schedules however means she is not free until the 25th of march, but i think it is going to be really really interesting. we were definitely speaking the same language. She is polish and so we had a great conversation about Krakow and Poland generally, which combined with all this talk of tricksters led her to lend me a book by Polish photographer/artist/writer called Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz. Utterly brilliant inspiring stuff. The following quote by him is the opening to the book.....and I could not agree more with the sentiment. It speaks very clearly of the self reflexivity and understanding that Jung championed in his work on archetypes.

..."it is not enough to exist simply, non-reflectively, passively, negatively, it is necessary to manifest one's existence more clearly, against the background of possible death and surrounding nothingness"

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