Friday, 15 October 2010

Project Two Continued.

More portraits. Pleased with the results. Going to continue in this vein, widening the subject group to include more variation in age and also ethnicity and by the end of November hopefully, once I have quite a lot of images, take a critical look at them all and make some decisions as to how to proceed from there in a more focused way if necessary. I also intend to start using HD video recordings, effectively doing 'moving portraits' and experiment a little with that. Adam has also suggested to choose some subjects who are effectively not used to slowing down, to silence and so forth and see if the tension that creates would produce interesting results. Good one Adam.

Themes are clearly emerging, silence/presence and I will explore this further over the coming weeks. Also I have decided that it is best to shoot always from mid chest level and above as too much naked skin and the inclusion of nipples does something else to the reading of the portraits. The consistency of the direction of the poses above was something I was aware of, and although I would have like to have more variation in the last two, features such as the hole in the ear from a removed 'ear spacer' and the direction of the fringe meant that aesthetically it worked best to shoot them the same way as the previous two. However much more variation will soon occur.

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