Saturday, 2 October 2010

Simplicity is good.

SO it turns out the lighting is not as difficult as I imagined it to be to get the whole Pierre Gonnord type look! In fact it is ridiculously easy, thank you Mike for helping with that. Now that is sorted it is just a case of getting on with some shoots and I have three people who are free to come in this week, one of whom I literally cannot wait to get into the studio....such a face. I can't pretend there is a concept yet, I am basically following instinct on this one, photographing people I find interesting for now. Just simply want to immerse myself in portraiture over the next few months and see what emerges, though obviously I have some key visual strands to follow in doing so.

Going to shoot on hasselblad again, at least for this series of portraits, only this time using the digital back. No light leaks, no developing time, no burgeoning cost....what's not to like. The picture quality is fantastic, great dynamic range and I am told the digital back for the hasselblad is much better than that for the large format, so it makes sense for now. It's a one light set-up. This is all refreshingly simple compared to the last project.

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