Sunday, 3 October 2010

Well past the midnight hour.

Yet again inspiration strikes at stupid o'clock. Have definitely now decided to do the Ikebana dance sculpture idea for project three and will be incorporating video into it. Have had a steady stream of consciousness of ideas for the past two hours, so I guess I will start trying to find dancers in this area, about eight, and get going on this as well. Having plenty of time will be of the essence, as it involves a great degree of collaboration and experience has now taught me to plan how long it should take in an ideal world........about 2-3 months ....then multiply by at least two and factoring in for potential catastrophes (exploding cameras and the like)...about three. So I will start slowly now with optimism, gathering people, mapping the eight forms involved and sorting out costumes, which will be key (or finding a costume designer which would be even better!). That way, even with all things not going to plan, it should be ready in time. I really like this idea, feels like it has a lot of soul to it and it gives me a chance to play with video, which I am really keen to do. Working in a Bill Viola inspired way, which would be perfect for this, I want a single camera position with slow movement occurring within the frame. A sort of beautiful, gradual unfolding, which works with the flower theme. Good times. It's really nice when you can visualise things with crystal clarity before trying to do them.

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