Friday, 19 November 2010

Project two - more

Had a fantastic experience working with this subject today in the studio. Pleased to get another female into the mix and have three more ladies lined up for next week with a good range of ages, which I am delighted about. There are small variations in the processing involved with all of these, which as Mike pointed out recently will need to be standardised for the exhibition to give a better sense of continuity, but I can do this closer to the time once I get some feedback as to which is most effective.


  1. Bottom one is green, top is nice and neutral.
    Do like the second shot a touch more though.
    Best bet would be to open the original raw's when you've got enough that you're happy with and apply the same changes to each, that would mean using the same, shutter, aperture, exact light direction, distance and dimming on every shot though, ideally.
    Thomas Ruff style identical conditions would be the key here I think.

  2. thing is i am not necessarily going for neutral, i like the light to be a bit colder looking. I think there will be some variation re what you listed above but very little, especially as it has been a process of refining the technique. But I think it will be reasonably straight forward to get them all level looking so to speak, at least I hope. There are one or two I would really like to reshoot and standardize a bit more, but that is likely to be possible anyway given the time line.

  3. Top one is the cooler looking, as in cold. Green just makes people look ill.
    How about that monitor calibration eh wot? :)

    Just speaking from experience, depends on just how similar you want them, i.e.. fairly or absolutely 100%. I just know what I'd be like if there was one that wasn't. Grouchy. That's what.

  4. i reposted the image, reprocessed with more natural colour balance. Will bring in computer tomorrow if you are free for calibration. x