Monday, 1 February 2010

Artist Archetype

The first archetype I want to shoot is that of 'The Artist', which has numerous interesting myths surrounding it in contemporary culture, in particular with reference to it's shadow aspect in the form of madness, addiction, ruination etc! Can see how I want it to look really clearly in my mind and as it's a pretty simple set-up I think it's a good place to start. Having mild bouts of panic at the scale of the task ahead, interspersed with excitement but need to start on one that is less technically challenging for my own peace of mind. Interminable head scratching will be arriving soon enough.

I found it described nicely as "The Artist archetype embodies the passion to express a dimension of life that is just beyond the five senses and is animated with the energy to express it into physical forms".

Bring on lots of body paint, a beautiful subject with flaming red hair.....and worryingly some mask making this week. hhhhmmm

Re the body paint, Rankin is an incredible inspiration for this and in fact most of the really incredible work he has done is much better viewed on his website as it's not easily found using image searches on the web.

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