Thursday, 11 February 2010

Remembering the point ...

Amidst the constant mind bombs of digital cultures lectures, the lingering cabbage brain of the habermas new year and the massive research involved in doing the archetypes project, I had not gotten around to doing what I love best for ages. That is, wandering around and just looking at the world until I see something that makes me go "WOW" and then being absorbed in taking pictures of it until the rest of the world completely falls away. There is such an intense feeling of flow when this happens and I am always left afterwards with a sense of deep relaxation and contentment. This was the point afterall in me doing an MA in photography in the first place!!! SO this morning was such a morning and some of the pictures are in this post and the two above. They were taken with my mobile phone which has a cracked lens and is therefore not used very often but it was what I had to hand and then quickly flung through photoshop. Tonight I am starting work in the studio on Project one and finally it seems, remembering the point!

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