Thursday, 25 February 2010

Project two potential and mild panic have spent the past three days doing a very intense workshop with PhotoVoice in London, which is an international charity that uses participatory photography methods as a tool for social change. This is something I am really interested in and the course has given me a sufficient grounding to go about planning and implementing a project of this kind, something I feel very keen to do. Now whether this becomes a focus for project no2 or not is still undecided at this point, it would be great, inspiring and fulfilling and previous career experience and also friends placed worldwide on international development projects mean finding a partner agency and thus a specific social group to work with would be relatively straight forward. So going to let my mind process the vast amounts of information it has absorbed over the past few days and in the meantime get back to project one, which I am starting to panic slightly about in terms of timelines. Today am going to book photoshoots with some of the subjects of this project and delve deeper into surrealism and focus in particular on how to introduce an element of darkness into the images. my intention is to get another two shoots done in the space of the next week. that would get things back on track. go go go...

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